Valley Plastics is a custom acrylic fabricator producing store fixtures and displays. Machinery consists of computerized saws for cutting and CNC routers/lasers for machining. We use diamond edge polishers for edge finishing along with flame polishing. We now have the ability to UV Cure acrylic together to create an optically clear edge/seam. We also have the aptitude to silk screen direct to the material as a value added option. Valley Plastics fabricates for end users and also supplies component parts to other fixturing companies. We can stock and drop ship your parts out of our facility to all of your locations around the country. Our state of the art facility is designed to adhere to the stern demands and standards in production while maintaining the customer with quality product.

Although Acrylic is our staple, we can also offer wood, wire and metal for your display requirements. Our wood division in Walbridge, Ohio is a 20,000 square foot woodworking facility with computerized saws for cutting and CNC routers for machining. Edge banding equipment is capable of doing up to 3mm edging. This facility has the capacity to do natural finished wood/veneer as well as HP laminate. We are aligned with both wire and metal manufacturing centers in the US and overseas which enable us to diversify our total product line.

Manufacturing capabilities range from single units to multiple unit production. You, as the valued customer, can supply design specifications or our staff will gladly assist you in designing your specific unit. Here at Valley Plastics NO job is too big or small.